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Highway Department

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Highway Superintendent

David Coffinger

Northumberland Roadways

Our Highway Department maintains 60.38 miles of road year round. In addition to our teams great work, you will also see many state and county highway teams working throughout our township maintaining their respective streches of roadways. 

Our highway department staff completes a number of projects including, but not limited to, paving, plowing, pothole repair, debris removal/cleanup, and much more. Please remember to slow down in our work zones to ensure everyone goes home safe. 

2023 Paving & Road Repair

  • Gurnsprings Road

  • Purinton Road

  • Mott Road

Employment Opportunities

We offer competitive pay, benefits, and a great working environment. If you would like to join our team, please fill out and return an application found with the link below. 

Special Announcements



Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Northumberland as follows:

The present Section IV in said ordinance shall become Section V. The new Section IV shall read as follows:

The location of basketball hoops or structures or other obstructions is hereby prohibited on all highways, roads, public streets, and shoulders and right of way within the Town of Northumberland. 

Consistent with Highway Law Section 319 and 157, the Town Superintendent of Highways is hereby authorized to cause any basketball hoop or structure of similar obstruction found on any highway, road, public street, shoulder, or right of way in the Town of Northumberland to be removed. In addition to the fine specified in Section II, the Superintendent of Highways is also authorized to charge the owner of such basketball hoop or structure or obstruction for the actual, reasonable cost and expenses of removing and storing such basketball hoop or structure or obstruction. 

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