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Councilman Paul Bolesh has been on the Town Board for twenty-five-plus years. For over 30 years, he has helped to organize the Town Wide Clean-up Day. He feels it is extremely important to take care of Mother Earth. Highway litter cleanup is the easiest way for all people to partake in the major effort to keep our land and waters clean from these potentially dangerous pollutants.


Paul’s family roots have been here since 1924. His Father and his siblings went to the original one-room schoolhouse. The Ballard School was at the corner of Ballard Road and Route 50. Paul taught at the now Ballard School for 38 years and his two grandchildren will be attending the School. The original Ballard School is still standing, but has been altered into a nice house.


Paul learned from one of his his grandfathers if you live by the “Golden Rule”, which has a strong version in nine major religions, our world would be a much better place to be. The beauty of the “Golden Rule” is you can live it without a religious affiliation.

Paul Bolesh


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