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Mr. Hodgson has been proudly serving on the Town of Northumberland Board since being elected in 1989. During this time George has served on various planning & zoning committees that have worked to enhance the direction of our town’s property uses. He is the principal author of the Town’s current zoning ordinance and served as the Town Board’s liaison to the Town’s comprehensive planning committee.


When asked why he continues to work for the betterment of our town, George replied:

“I enjoy serving the public and being involved with preserving Northumberland’s open space. We have a wonderful rural quality of life in our town and one that I hope will remain this way for many years to come.”


George worked for 36 years as the Director of Saratoga County’s Environmental Services Department and the Saratoga County Environmental Management Council before his retirement in 2010. Mr. Hodgson also brings extensive professional experience in environmental and municipal planning. He was instrumental in securing and coordinating several state and federal grants which enabled the construction of Hudson Crossing Park, the Knox Trail Pocket Park, and the Saratoga Falls Pocket Park located along Northumberland’s beautiful Hudson River waterfront.

George Hodgson


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